ISO-9001PN - EN ISO 9001 - Quality management systems

PN - EN ISO 9001 is an international standard which specifies the requirements an enterprise quality management system should meet. It consists of activity directed at obtaining a product (goods, services) with ideal characteristics, fully satisfying the client.

ISO-14001PN – EN ISO 14001: - an ISO standard on environmental management

PN – EN ISO 14001 is one of the standards of ISO, which concerns environmental management.
The basic task of the standard is to assess in actions connected with environmental protection and to prevent pollution in a manner according to organisational requirements.

Quality of the Year 2007Quality of the Year 2007

ActiveJet, a brand of ACTION S.A. was chosen a winner of the second Quality of the Year 2007 competition in the Product category.

This prestigious award is granted to enterprises for which quality policy is of particular importance.

Quality of the Year 2008The Quality of the Year 2008 and Silver Quality of the Year for ActiveJet brand

ACTION S.A.s ActiveJet brand won another Quality of the Year award. This time ActiveJet was distinguished with the Silver Quality of the Year, a proof of recognition awarded to companies who has won the competition over two subsequent years.

Quality is of huge importance to us. We spare no effort to make sure that ActiveJet is synonymous with top world-class quality. We rely on the reviews our products receive from independent experts and the market. We see the awards our brand won in QUALITY OF THE YEAR 2007 and 2008 competitions as a an assurance that in the recent years we have been going in the right direction, says Rafał Ornowski, Brand Director.

Quality of the Year 2008ActiveJet won the "Domestic Brand" category of the nationwide "Liderzy Marki 2008" (Brand Leaders 2008) competition

ActiveJet won the "Domestic Brand" category of the nationwide "Liderzy Marki 2008" (Brand Leaders 2008) competition, whose purpose is to promote businesses which build a strong brand image. Moreover, the ranking list increases brand awareness, spreads knowledge on brand management and reinforces the importance of brands to businesses as a key marketing factor. The list was created under the patronage of Dr Larry Chiagouris, Marketing Professor at the Pace University of New York, who is a globally renowned expert in branding. For more information on the list, visit

Quality of the Year 2008Złoty Laur Klienta (Consumers Golden Laurel) 2009 for ActiveJet

ActiveJet has just received another prestigious award. The brand won Poland's largest consumer competition in the "Printer Consumables" category and was awarded the Consumers Golden Laurel 2009, a title competed for by manufacturers of original and compatible consumables alike. The brand's victory is particularly valuable due to the fact that it is the consumers themselves who chose the winner, which provides undeniable proof for their favourable evaluation of ActiveJet products.

Our products have been tested by independent laboratories of two IT magazines published in Poland, "Komputer Swiat" and "Enter", as well as by GRCI and RIT.

ActiveJet inks are subjected to tests in the GRCI laboratory. The Graphic Communication Institute at Cal Poly

The Graphic Communication Institute (GRCI) belongs to the graphic communication division of the American California Polytechnic.

The university was established at the beginning of the 20th century, in 1901. GRCI possesses professional laboratories, in which are tested materials for use in printers. Within the tests the following parameters are considered: optical thickness, unevenness of lines, unevenness of solid areas, presence of repeated images (so called ghosting), background interference, toner pressure strength and paper winding.

ActiveJet imaging supplies are pre-tested by the IPL laboratory operating within the RIT Rochester Institute of Technology

RIT enjoys international recognition as a polytechnic with a research tradition reaching back to 1829. Imaging Products Laboratory (IPL, Laboratory for Image Creating Products) is an institution formed for the purpose of drawing up, evaluation and adaptation of cost productive, innovative technologies for image creation.

The IPL laboratory has controlled environmental conditions units: UV spectrum obtained due to xenon, arc lamps, ozone, temperature, dampness and atmospheric pressure. The measure of print quality is measured with the aid of a special system, and the ink is analysed with regard to physicochemical properties.

ActiveJet winning in Komputer Swiat test

"Komputer Swiat" issue 12/2007 featured a test of aftermarket ink cartridges. ActiveJet inks ranked very high and were distinguished in the Prize/Quality category. The test was won by the following ink cartridges:

  • AC-5BK, AC-8BK, AC-8C, AC-8M, AC-8Y compatible with CANON printers
  • AE-611, AE-612, AE-613, AE-614 compatible with EPSON printers

#DVD's test in Komputer Swiat

The same "Komputer Swiat" bi-weekly (September/October 2005) also tested ActiveJet DVDs, awarding them a "Good Purchase" mark for the best price to quality ratio.

#Imaging supplies test in Enter

The "ENTER" monthly (issue 05/2005) tested consumables and recognised ActiveJet products for the best quality ("Editor's Pickę) and the lowest printing cost ("Best Price").

#ActiveJet wins Komputer Swiat test, details in issue 10/09 - Price/Quality award for AEL-107 weather station

We are proud to announce that our weather station ActiveJet AEL – 107 was recognised by the Komputer Swiat bi-weekly as the winner of the Price/Quality category. In the test organised by the magazine, our product scored better than 11 other weather stations featuring wireless external and internal sensors of temperature and at least one more parameter. ActiveJet AEL – 107 was the only device tested which presented a high quality level while it cost under 150 zloty.

More details on the test are available in Komputer Swiat issue 10/09

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